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Floor 2 Floor Framing System

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Clad-Line’s F2F system has been designed to accommodate, flat, discrete-fix and hook-on Rainscreen Panels and is fully compliant with all types of A1 and A2 facade panels including aluminium, Rockpanel, fibre cement, ACM and terracotta.

In accordance with the CWCT’s ‘Standard for Systemised Building Envelopes’, CLAD-LINE’s Floor 2 Floor framing in conjunction with Metalline’s aluminium rainscreen system has been subjected to wind resistance (serviceability and safety), water tightness (dynamic) and both soft and hard body impact testing.

CLAD-LINE’s F2F framing spans from floor slab to floor slab, reducing the requirement for multiple helping hand brackets and supporting top hats. This saves considerable time and money on installation costs, simplifies the design process, allows for greater adjustment and reduces the requirement for fixings and brackets by up to 90%.

Features & Benefits

Simplifies design and installation
Reduces labour costs
Maximum adjustment in all directions
Ideal for use with faceted facades
Avoids fixing into non-structural infill
Solid Aluminium - Non-combustible
Sectional properties available upon request
Reduces the amount of fixings required
Tested to CWCT standards


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Ideal for high rise developments and cladding replacements. The maximum amount of adjustability helps to tackle the challenges often prevalent on existing buildings.

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Our ball and socket design allows up to 30 degrees rotation to the front face of the rail. Allowing installers to achieve the tolerances required.




NBS Specification

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CL F2F Typical Details


Rails and brackets sizes

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